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Shipping & Freight Policies

At 'Fore' Supply Co.®, our goal is to deliver your purchase in the quickest and most economical way possible. We review each order individually, factoring in destination, weight and size of items. Shipping costs and delivery methods are determined at time of order shipment. If freight charges are due they will be included on customers invoice copy or billed separately. 

'Fore' Supply Co.® will pay 100% of the freight charges on orders of $595.00 or more to destinations within the Continental United States (excluding F.O.B. items). On orders of less than $595.00, freight charges will be included on the original invoice or billed separately. 

F.O.B. Items

'FORE' Supply Co. has limited F.O.B. items, primarily bar soaps and paper products. F.O.B. stands for Freight On Board. All items marked F.O.B. will be billed freight charges regardless of the total order amount. Orders that total $595.00 or more will receive free shipping excluding any F.O.B. items. The purchase of F.O.B. items will go towards meeting the $595.00 free shipping requirement, however freight on any F.O.B. items will be charged. 'Fore' Supply Co. has the least amount of F.O.B. items in our industry.

Chicagoland Area

Normal Continental U.S. shipping policies and procedures apply. For established account holders, orders of $125.00 or more will be delivered free in the Chicagoland area on scheduled delivery days. A small charge of $9.95 may be added to “Special Delivery” orders. Local orders must be placed by 3:30 PM, the day before your regular delivery day!


Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii

Please call 'Fore' Supply Co.® at 800-543-5430 for details regarding shipments to Alaska and Hawaii.


Shipments to other countries other than the United States and Canada

'Fore' Supply Co.® requires customers located outside the United States (with the exception of Canada) to provide us information of an export broker, located within the United States that we can forward their product to. 'Fore' Supply Co.® will ship to your broker using our normal shipping policy and procedures. Freight from the broker to your location is the sole responsibility of the customer. All import rules, regulations, tariffs, taxes, customs fees, etc. are also the responsibility of the customer and their broker. 'Fore' Supply Co.® requires all orders to be paid in U.S. Currency.

Please Note

Items ordered together will not necessarily ship together.